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VP Clinic: The Tap vs The Snap

Ronnie Grandison Sports Academy, East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH, USA

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Join us for our next VP Clinic and learn The Tap VS The Snap! We all find ourselves in that moment where we ask ourselves if we should take a safer shot or take an aggressive shot. At this clinic, you will learn when to attack the pickleball and how to make that split second decision.


Shot: The Tap VS The Snap

Date: 11/5/2023


Intermediate Level (3.0): 1:30pm to 3pm

Advanced Level (3.5): 3:30pm to 5pm


Members: $35

Non-members: $45

Frederic Sanchez is a former tennis player who started playing competitively at 8 years old and later became a renowned tennis instructor at the NBTA (Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy). After coaching adult and youth players at the NBTA in Florida, Frederic later opened and directed the NBTA European Headquarters in Belgium. Frederic has since relocated to Cincinnati and has brought his depth of knowledge and experience from tennis to pickleball. He has quickly climbed the ranks in the pickleball world, where he is currently competing in the Senior Pro Singles Tour, and has found success with incorporating this new style of play into pickleball.

Frederic "Speedy" Sanchez


Ronnie "Flash" Grandison

Ronnie Grandison is a former professional basketball player that has played on 5 different NBA teams as well as professional teams abroad. He has since created a flourishing sports academy that includes youth and adult programs. Ronnie has entered the pickleball world and has applied his agressiveness and athleticism as a professional athlete to the game. Ronnie's success in pickleball has won him several medals, and he's just getting started!

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