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At Velocity Pickleball, we generally divide our skill levels into three categories:


Velocity Pickleball defines its beginners as players who are familiarizing themselves with the rules and basics of the game. Beginners are learning to keep score, serve, dink, and can sustain short rallies in their games.

INTERMEDIATE (3.0 - 3.5)

Velocity Pickleball defines its intermediate players as those who are comfortable with the rules and basics of pickleball. Intermediate players are developing their backhand and third-shot drop but have a consistent serve, return, and forehand. Intermediate players make it to the kitchen sometimes and can sustain decent rallies.


Velocity Pickleball defines its advanced players are those with nearly complete control of their forehand, backhand, serve, and return. Advanced players can drop, drive, and dink with a high level of consistency and have incorporated strategy into their play. Advanced players always advance to the kitchen and can sustain long rallies.

**IMPORTANT: How long you have been playing is not an effective indicator of your skill level.

We use these categories to give our members a better idea of their skill level among other VP members. 


USA Pickleball has official skill ratings and their definitions on their website that can give you a better idea of what a player’s expected skills would be at each level. For detailed information about each skill level, visit the USAPA website. 

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